New Life Community Church in Grand Rapids, Ohio began in 1936 as a prayer meeting. A pastor from Liberty Center Pilgrim Holiness Church led the group. The church grew through a series of tent meetings and met in several locations until it came to occupy its current structure located at 17679 Woodburn Avenue in Grand Rapids. Much of the beginnings of the church are found in revival meetings. In 1968 a merger between the Pilgrim Holiness Church and the Wesleyan Methodist Church produced a new denomination known as the Wesleyan Church. Following the merger, the congregation was known as the Grand Rapids Wesleyan Church. The church voted to change its name to New Life Community Church in December 2011.

The purpose of New Life Community church is expressed in this statement: “The mission of New Life Community Church is to introduce people to the love, mercy and forgiveness of Jesus Christ and to assist them in their understanding of Him.” As a church we believe that the family is the main means by which Christians grow in their faith. Therefore as a church we will do all that we can to strengthen the family. We will encourage people to make their homes places of spiritual growth. We will also be a voice of hope in the communities where we live. We will communicate the message of salvation through regular acts of service in our community. We will also have outreach events in which people not regularly connected with the church will find an open door in which to connect with the church and Jesus Christ. These will be times in which people will have the opportunity to make a decision to follow Jesus Christ.

We will help the Christians grow in their faith through the offerings of Sunday School, Worship Services, Children’s Jubilee and small groups. Through these events people will learn what it means to be a Christian and to live a Holy Christian life.  Through mentoring and training we will give individuals the resources and the tools needed to help them develop a ministry or to take on a ministry of their own. These can be ministries that are created by them, or they can fill a position they feel qualified to do. They will be prepared to serve God in a ministry.

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