Visitor Info

Parking is available on all 4 sides of the church. The north and east sides of the church offer parking along the road. The west and south side of the church make parking available in the parking lot.  The door on the west side of the church, nearest the parking lot, offers handicapped access.

The sanctuary, where we hold our worship service, can be accessed from either door and is near the pastor’s office. The building is small enough it is easy to find the office and the sanctuary.

On Sunday mornings everyone will meet in the sanctuary at 10:45 a.m. and part way through the service the children who are out of diapers and are elementary school age will be dismissed for Jubilee after the musical part of the service. The leaders will take the children across the parking lot to the fellowship hall. We also encourage families to keep their children in the service to worship as a family. We value the leadership of the parent as the head of the family and we want to be a support for the family unit. One Sunday during every month our children are encouraged to join everyone else during the worship service, so children can learn to be a part of the entire service.

There is a nursery for children who are too young for Jubilee or not interested in going with the other children. The nursery is stocked with toys and a speaker that allows anyone who is in there to hear the service. We are also happy to find a screened worker to watch your children while you enjoy the worship service.

We are pretty casual at New Life Community. Occasionally someone might wear a suit and a tie. It is not required dress. Many people will wear blue jeans or shorts. We would rather focus on God than on what other people are wearing. Our worship service is scheduled to begin at 10:45 a.m. We will usually finish the service in about an hour. Part of the worship service will consist of singing together, another part of it will be collecting prayer requests and praying for those needs, and a part of the service will include a message from the minister.